A smart solution that helps organizations to detect and protect personal data.


Common Problems

Personal Data, where?

It is a big project to find all customers personal data across all systems. Usually a manual effort based on individuals’ knowledge. Therefore expensive and time consuming.

New Personal Data?

Tracking where customers personal data resides, is an on-going process while systems grow and new systems added. This needs continuous effort and resources.

Are we compliant?

With new and growing compliance requirements, it is often too late to find out non-compliance issues, resulting in hefty fines, and costly remedies for resolutions.

DataataD Solution

We have a smart solution with these features:


Smart Discovery

Use ML to discover over 200 personal data types, and sensitive information

Data Correlation

Identify data correlation for personal and sensitive data management

24/7 Support

Run continuously and capture changes timely without intervention

Multiple Data Sources

Support 50+ data sources (including Azure, Google, AWS, SAP, Oracle) / unstructured data.

Internal Audit Support

Support internal audit initiatives and processes.  Dashboard with audit notifications

Global Regulations

Continuous reviews of global regulations to support our customers with compliance issues

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Serial Entrepreneur, founded multiple companies in the technology, trading and marketing sectors.   Principal Microsoft Engineer with expertise  in Enterprise Solution, Mobile Technology,  Security Management and Data Science.

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Patent Owner of Storage Technology. 
Ex-CTO of Mythos Ingenieria Creativa.
Senior Microsoft Engineer with expertise

in Server Technology, AI and Distributed Systems.

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Entrepreneur, Management Consultant 

specializing in Enterprise and Emerging Technologies.   Founder of a medical communication network.

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OSMOND (Senior Engineer)

Senior Software Engineer at Azuqua, Avvo, and Microsoft. Passionate about Emerging Technology and solving Complex Problems.

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NEMO  (Engineer)

Microsoft Software Engineer with experience in Elastic Search, Big Data, Data Analytics and GDPR.

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