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    Business Systems Common Issues

Costly to Run

Costly to implement, maintain, enhance and upgrade

Gaps in Features

Out of the box functions do not always fit all purposes

Difficult to Learn

Some systems are very complicated and need extensive training

What to consider?

Choosing a business system is a complicated process. Picking one that can support most of your business functions requires extensive effort in defining requirements, evaluating options and determining a feasible budget.   It is only obvious that a business system must support your business operations and growth.  While many available systems have multitude of sophisticated features, they could be very expensive to implement and maintain. Many businesses also tend to overlook the strategic direction and future development of the selected system. If things do not work out in the longer run, migration to another platform is always costly and could cause unnecessary disruption to the business.  As such, the following aspects should be considered in selecting a business system.

Functional Fit

Both current and future business requirements need to be considered in evaluating a business system.  A business system is not only a tactical tool, it also provides tremendous value in supporting business strategies.

Total Cost of Ownership

Software license or subscription is not the only cost to consider.  Costs for implementation, support, maintenance and future upgrade could constitute a significant portion of the total cost of ownership or utilization.

Technology Roadmap

Most business systems evolve over time to cater for new requirements and technological changes. Aligning your future business goals with the system future development is necessary while choosing a suitable system.

A Good Choice


A cost effective cloud-based business system with integrated apps of a next-gen design and foundation


Free stand-alone Accounting app, $25/user with other apps

With Auto Bank-feed, reconciliation, tax reporting and other features



More affordable than other cloud business systems

Sales, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Services, Project apps etc.



Free stand-alone CRM app, $25/user with other apps

Intuitive functions and mobile CRM access for your sales force


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